"Flattening Pollutants and Wasted Materials"

Often overlooked but a major contributor to Green products is packaging efficiency. Green products deserve Green packaging. All Kohburg packaging has been specially and specifically designed to take full advantage of Green materials. We evaluate the integrity of our materials' environmental attributes for hazardous contents and strictly enforce storage minimization, shipping efficiency and waste reduction.

Pre-assembled furniture may be convenient to you now but it is not advantageous to the preservation and long-term health of the environment.

"Knock Down Furniture"

Knock Down (KD) furniture is non-assembled and drastically reduces wasted packaging materials and "empty" carton space. Kohburg uses KD shipping methods because it is the most efficient and Green form of product delivery while significantly reducing shipping fees, thus saving you money!

To make it easier to understand the significant impact you can have on the environment when purchasing early childhood furniture, see the chart below outlining wasteful consumption you can avoid!

(Company A)
Average Classroom Pkg. QTYs Cubic Ft.
per Item
Cubic Ft.
per Pkg.
Cubic Ft.
per Item
Cubic Ft.
per Pkg.
Four Space Locker 6 32.0 192.0 6.0 36.0
3' x 4' Shelf 8 23.0 184.0 6.0 48.0
24" x 24" Square Table (24" Ht.) 7 3.0 21.0 1.0 7.0
12" Chair 26 4.0 104.0 1.0 26.0
Total Cubic Feet Per Classroom Package:           501.0                          117.0        
Total Cubic Feet Per School (~ 6 Classes): 3006.0 702.0

* A classroom package from Company A takes up ~ 4 times the amount of packaged space then Kohburg

** Company A would require 3 additional truck deliveries (x 60 Gallons of Fuel) and 180 additional gallons of fuel!

Pre-Assembled Furniture Manufacturers require almost 350% more product packaging and shipping space than required by Kohburg. These companies not only consume more raw materials for product packaging but additional gasoline for each and every delivery, releasing more pollutants into the air and directly contributing to global warming!

Kohburg's KD Furniture is the leading choice for educators looking for Green products and holds many advantages over pre-assembled products:

  • Save money on product costs by assembling yourself
  • Products ship flat, significantly reducing shipping fees
  • Eliminate wasted product packaging and "dead" carton space
  • Cut down the number of delivery trucks required
  • Decrease consumption of natural resources and fossil fuels
  • Drastically reduce the amount of toxic pollutants released into the atmosphere

Go Green while saving Green with Kohburg's KD Furniture!