Product Care

Kohburg furniture is built with longevity in mind but a little extra care goes a long way. Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule keeps your furniture beautiful and assures prolonged strength and dependability.

Cleaning and Sanitizing:

Clean our products with warm and soapy water moistered sponge or towel to wipe the dirty surface. Avoid excess water. Immediately wipe dry afterwards to prevent soaking. Refrain from using toxic cleaning products on Kohburg furniture as it may mar the integrity of our environmentally friendly finishes.

Mobile Units:

Make sure your mobile units move freely and are squeak-free. Properly and regularly lubricated ball bearings ensure your products are in top-notch quality. Apply a couple drops of approved lubrication oil to your ball bearing joints once a month for proper unit maintenance.

Unfinished Wood:

Kohburg's all natural blocks provide kids a silk-smooth feel. If your blocks need cleaning, please use #600 grit sandpaper from your local hardware store to gently sand the surface. Sanding will restore the block's smooth, natural finish.

To prevent structural failures and possible injury, furniture should only be used for its intent and not other purpose(s). Furniture should be regularly inspected for loose or missing screws and/or rivets, wood stress and cracks and general instability. Furniture that is damaged or has noticeable instability should immediately be removed from use and put aside to prevent possible injury. Kohburg is not liable for any accidents if a product is modified by the customer without our written authorization. For additional information regarding furniture maintenance, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at (909) 868-9688, M-F (8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PST).