More Features

Kohburg furniture products were designed and manufactured with educators and children in mind. Make classroom life easier and safer with these additional fully, functional features!


Dowel Pinningdowel-pinning.jpg

Dowel pinning assembly is used by all Kohburg items to ensure strength, durability and structural integrity over time. It also makes shelf installation easier than ever.




Shelf Depth & Thickness

Kohburg's shelves feature the best qualities: Safety, Strength and Space! All shelf units have fully rounded corners and edges to protect little ones and use 3/4" thick panels for added durability. Kohburg's 15" shelf depths provide the extra storage space you need in the classroom!

Shelf Covers

For added versatility, Add-On Back Covers are available for Kohburg shelving units. Choose from four different options: White Board, Chalk Board, Clear Cover and Mirror Cover, to give your classroom your own personal touch!


Piano Hinges

Kohburg utilizes full-length piano hinges on all locker doors to minimize the chance of pinching kids' fingers.

Easy Twist Locks

Keep kids' materials and belongings safe and sound. All of Kohburg's lockers feature Easy Twist Locks that are made of high quality stainless steel coated in zinc.

Caster Wheels

Mobile units are fitted with 2" heavy-duty polyurethane wheels that can hold up to 88 lbs per wheel, while silencing rolling noise. Each bracket is stainless steel with zinc coating that is rust and chemical resistant.


Name Covers

Personalize each and every child's space with our Name Covers. These non-toxic, plastic name covers can be used with our Welcome Cubbies, Wall Pegs and Wall Pegs with Pockets units.

Stand Alone Supports

Create a personalized Welcome Center in your classroom. Our Stand Alone Supports allow you to arrange and place Welcome Cubbies anywhere in the classroom! The support system allows units to stand freely in open space without having to be wall-mounted.


Stackable Chairs

All Kohburg chairs are made stackable to save storage space in the classroom.