Option for the Greener Good

Kohburg has revolutionized the early childhood furniture industry with the use of its exclusive Australian Pine Fiberboard (APF) Material. It is the first manufacturer to make the transition from the wasteful and expensive solid plywood to the very Green and equally durable, APF. Requests for Kohburg's APF based, children's furnishings have surged as consumers have become educated of its advantages.


Australian Pine Fiberboard (APF)

APF is man-made from 100% recyclable wood fibers, which are often the byproducts of "Trim Off Waste" from plywood manufacturing processes. The USDA Forest Service reports that APF products contain approximately only 34% virgin wood, meaning that minimal trees are used during its "Shred & Impact" production process. Thus causing less lumber waste.

It is evident that there are considerable amounts of waste inherent in plywood manufacturing given that only 50-75% of the usable volume of wood in a tree is converted into plywood. A lot of waste occurs in the preparation of tree logs for production:

  • Trim Off Waste - Shavings incurred during sizing of the log, removal of defects and natural voids
  • Veneer Bolts - "End Pegs' that are used, and ultimately discarded of, to accommodate stains, end checks and lack of log "squareness"
  • Rounding Waste - Waste involved while turning unsymmetrical veneer blocks into cylinders for "peeling." Bark components are shredded and removed; making many small scraps of little use and thus, wasted.

Kohburg's exclusive APF contributes to the minimization of wood waste, thus directly limiting deforestation and the need for landfills. It's significantly lower rate of production error limits the number of trees and other natural resources required for production.

Our APF is the clear choice for a Green education as it saves natural resources now for healthier living and learning later.

    Australian Pine
Solid Plywood
  QTY # of Trees
per Item
Trees Used
# of Trees
per Item
Trees used
Four Space Locker 6 0.15 0.90 0.38 2.28
3' x 4' Shelf 8 0.07 0.56 0.20 1.60
24" x 24" Square Table (24" Ht.) 7 0.03 0.21 0.08 0.56
12" Chair 26 0.01 0.26 0.03 0.78
Total Trees:             1.93         5.22

* Figures based on 1 tree = 10 (9 ft x 4 ft) sheets of materials used.

** APF uses ~ 2.7x less the amount of trees than solid plywood.